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Our Solutions

Problem solving is in our DNA.  We start with your needs and requirements and fashion a solution to match them.  We are solving, not selling.

Financial Services

You will be hard-pressed to find another consulting group with as much retail financial services and payment network experience as i550.

Compliance Solutions

Customer Consent, TCPA, PCI, etc. If your communication channels weren't setup to integrate customer consent, we have solutions for that while you maintain your typical development cycles!

I.T. Operational Discipline

Need to implement auditable, traceable change and incident management within 30 days with potentially no additional expense? It is possible!

Mobile Apps

i550 can help you define your mobile app requirements, then help with design and's easier than you think!

Conversions and Migrations

Nothing will interrupt the normal flow of an I.T. department more than a time-consuming conversion or migration. We are experienced in everything from creating your project plan and establishing dates, to seeing the work gets done and the dates are met

Solutions, Not Upselling

We always start with your needs and your budget and find the right solution that works best for not only development, but ongoing management. 

Ready to find out more?

i550 considers I.T. a "service organization", so we are sincere when we ask "how can we help you be successful?"

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